Before setting off on any trip, you should always do some research. Below is a list of resources I found particularly useful when researching my trips.

Singapore/Myanmar (Burma)/Thailand – 2013 – Resources.

My research for this trip is indeed Myanmar (Burma) heavy, but given the political atmosphere within the country can change in a heart beat and my complete lack of knowledge about anything to do with Myanmar, I thought reading as much as I could about the country would be beneficial.


– Mynmar: Burma in Style. An illustrated history and guide. Caroline Courtauld. Odyssey Books and Maps.

– Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads. Benedict Rogers. Random House. 2012.

– The Lady and The Peacock: Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma. Peter Popham. Random House. 2012.

– Bewitched by Burma. Anne Carter. Matador. 2012.

– Myanmar (Burma). Lonely Planet. 2011.

– Singapore Encounter. Joshua Samuel Brown and Mat Oakley. Lonely Planet. 2010.

– Singapore City Guide. Joshua Samuel Brown and Mat Oakley. Lonely Planet 2009.

– Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand. Lonely Planet. 2012.

– The Asia Book. Lonely Planet. 2007.


These users have provided wonderful, albeit sometimes gritty, and truthful information from the ground in Myanmar.

– XploreAsia

– DMJ Binkley

– traveljunkiemanila

– Katharine

– LobsterCheeks


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