Chiang Mai – Fishy foot spas

After a very busy few days in Myanmar and lots of airport hopping, we were well and truly ready to lay down some roots and have a damn sleep in. Chiang Mai would not be the place for this – not this time around anyway.

We touched down in Chiang Mai at 7.30pm and were due to leave the next morning at 8am, setting off on our three day tour through northern Thailand, meaning we had about 12 hours of down time before things kicked off again.

What to do with those 12 hours? Go to the markets, get stuck into street vendor food and have a really, really hot shower. Mandalay showers were quick and fluctuated between icy cold and scalding hot with amazing speed, forcing you to do what I have dubbed the Mandalay shower tango in and out of the water.

First port of call – fish foot spas. Go, fishies, go! Get that Myanmar grit!

Fish doing their thing.
Fish doing their thing.
Patrick trying not giggle.
Patrick trying not giggle.

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