Food in Yangon

All of the food we ate in Yangon was amazing, especially Chinatown.

This was the restaurant we hit two nights in a row, it was so good:



Beware the squat box loo, though! As with all of SE Asia, carry tissues with you everywhere.





The staff were endlessly entertained by the boys eating the bits of chilli and garlic out of the dipping sauce. Hot hot hot! Three dishes, rice and two beers cost us around 3000 kyat.

Zawgyi House Cafe food is nothing to be sniffed either:



The Zawgyi duck soup is highly recommended. Hot and peppery with plenty of holy basil, bean sprouts and thin noodles make this dish a real winner.

Zawgyi House Cafe is a little more expensive, but still not Western prices… Not even Thailand prices! Sit outside and face the street for the best view of the Yangon life, including people disembarking buses right into oncoming traffic without even blinking (nearly all cars in Myanmar are right hand drive and everyone drives on the right hand side of the road… You do the maths). A few hours of shade, cold beers and mineral water ice (remember to always avoid tap water in Asia) cost us 20,000 kyat – about $USD25.


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