Mosque Street eats

After we arrived yesterday, we checked in and headed straight for Chinatown, a few blocks away from our hotel at Merchant Court. The heat and humidity was immense and our walk turned into a search for an icy cold beer and food.

Best Chinese ever!
Best Chinese ever!

With the storm clouds building, we turned down Mosque Street in Chinatown. Our noses lead us past restaurants specialising in steamboats, Korean and a vast array of Chinese food. We may have stopped for too long outside one Chinese restuaurant, and were ushered inside hurriedly by the owner, who explained in very fast English that the food here was “very very nice!”.

The place was packed with locals, so we took this as a good sign and jumped in. The menu/ordering was unlike anything I’ve seen before. You are handed a menu and a sheet of paper with the dishes available and the price listed on it. Once you have chosen your dishes from the menu, simply put a tick next to the corresponding numbers on the list and hand it to the waitress.

Lap Gamna Sauce Beef
Lap Gamna Sauce Beef

I ordered hand made noodles with beef, some pork dumplings and two Tsingtaos, while Pat picked a dish called “Lao Gamna Sauce Beef”.

I’m pretty sure everything on the menu here would be amazing, as there was a constant stream of different dishes landing on the tables of locals around us – but trust me. Order that Lao Gamna Sauce Beef. It’s got a wonderful taste – it’s sweet and salty and spicy all at the same time. It’s packed with green chillis, carrot and onion, topped with a black bean, tomato and red chilli sauce. Absolutely unreal.

My noodles were amazing, and the pork dumplings were sensational, but Pat’s Lao Gamna Sauce Beef stole the show.

If you’re ever in the Mosque Street area of Singapore looking for good food, this is definitely the place to find. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s name was written all in Chinese… and I don’t speak or read a word of Chinese! I think it just adds to the experience.




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