Here we go!


Well we’re here! We’ve made it to Coolangatta airport, and now we’re just waiting for our flight. It is a little bit delayed, but no big worry. We have no connecting flights to worry about.

Word to the wise – Coolangatta airport is extremely busy for its size. The line for security screening was ridiculously long, so make sure you allow plenty of time to get through if you are flying out of Coolangatta. There were some very stressed and upset looking people in the line with us (security and airport staff were walking up and down the line to find passengers on flights departing soon and pushing them through the priority line.

I got put through a full body scanner at international security. Not my favourite experience, I must say. It’s not particularly scary, just a bit unnerving and embarrassing when there’s random security guards looking at a full scan of your body. I’m not even sure what the point of them are… Can anyone tell me what those scanners would tell them that the normal metal detectors wouldn’t? I’d love to know what would happen if I had surgical pins in my shoulder or something…

Super excited and very relaxed now. Very much in holiday mode. For all my family and friends keeping up with our travels – much love to you all.

Bye Australia! See you in three weeks!


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