58 days to go – Suitcase Matters – (I joined the Crocs club!)

I am one of those infuriating people who can pack their suitcase perfectly the night before departure. Sometimes even the morning

My beloved backpack.
My beloved backpack.

before departure. However, I think this trip will require some careful planning and consideration.

Clothing – SE Asia is probably one of the easiest destinations to pack for in terms of clothing. Unlike Melbourne, where it can switch from hot and sticky to freezing and windy in the space of an hour, much of SE Asia is a fairly consistent hot and if you’re traveling in the wet season, the occasional storm and tropical deluge. I usually pack a few pairs of comfortable walking shorts and singlets, as well as some long pants and t-shirts for temple visits. It is always my aim to never be one of those incredibly rude and ignorant tourists who go to temples and palaces in their short skirts and shorts. This trip, we’ll be partaking in Songkran – Thai new year – which is celebrated with a huge water fight on the streets. Hence, it would probably be sensible to avoid white clothes, or clothes I don’t want to ruin.

Shoes – Aah, the shoes. My favourite thing to collect. Also the thing I that struggle with packing because I can never find the right ones to suit my trip! Most people would say the obvious choice would be trainers and thongs. But sometimes I don’t want to wear trainers! And I can’t walk too far in my thongs without getting horrendous blisters. Add into that our planned trip to Bagan, where we’ll be taking our shoes off every 20 minutes to walk though dirt floored temples, and thongs will turn into slip hazard during Songkran. Solution? Crocs! Yes I have joined the Croc Squad. Quit rolling your eyes and read on. I did not buy a pair of the clog style Crocs; instead, mine look like purple ballet

Crocs in the water!
Crocs in the water!

flats. They’re closed in, non-slip shoes (yay! safe!) with nice squashy soles that don’t give me blisters (yay! comfy!). They’re very lightweight (excellent, more room for shopping!) and – my favourite part – I can shove them under the water in the shower and leave them to dry without them going smelly! I know you’re still frowning, but I love them. I even took them for a spin in the localised flooding around my area on the weekend. They make hilarious and quite fantastic squelching noises after having walked through knee deep water.

Gadgets – I’d like to be able to admit that I don’t have an emotional attachment to my gadgets, when in truth I feel lost without my iPad and phone. This trip I’ll be taking my iPad and digital SLR. My only concern is immigration and customs in Myanmar getting a bit pedantic about the iPad. I have emailed the Myanmar Embassy and sought clarification on this, as well as a few other questions, and will do a post with the answers I receive.

The departure day is getting closer and I’m writing to do lists for each country, and will also post these a bit later. How many can I tick off?


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